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The 10 Strangest Programming Languages That Might Be Used In 2022

strangest programming language

This article lists the 10 strangest programming languages that will still be used in 2022. Even though it’s not common for big tech companies to use weird coding languages, it could be helpful for programmers who want to learn more.

There are many strange scripting languages for programmers, each with unique features. Even though it’s not common for big tech companies to use weird coding languages, it could be helpful for programmers who want to learn more.

Here is a list of the top 10 strangest programming languages that will probably still be used in 2022.

1. Rockstar

Rockstar is one of the strangest programming languages. It was made to make programs that sound like hair metal power ballads. Satriani, the details relating implementation of a dynamically typed programming language, is written in JavaScript and works with NodeJS for server-side and larger applications.

2. Brainf*ck

Brainf*ck is a popular and unusual programming language that uses the names brain, brainfuck, brainf*ck, bf, and many others. This strange programming language is known to work on a group of memory cells, which each starts with a value of zero.

3. Chicken

In the most bizarre programming language, a chicken is the only symbol that works. Only the tokens “chicken,” “and “/n” are used in the coding language. Each line has more than one chicken, which is separated by spaces. Programmers know that each opcode is equal to a certain number of chickens. The strangest programming language has opcode names such as ax, chicken, add, fox, rooster, peck, BBQ, and many others.

4. Lolcode

LOLCODE is one of the strangest programming languages that programmers use. It is a form of obscure coding language. When it was first made, it was based on the Internet slang term “lolcat meme.” Dynamic typing makes it possible for this strange programming language to work with data sorts like NUMBAR, YARN, NOOB, NUMBR, TROOF, and bukkit. In this coding language, many functions and operators, such as comparison, Bool, and math operators, use prefix notation.

5. English

English is a strange programming language with grammar rules that aren’t too strict. Programmers may use words that have more than one meaning to make phrases that are hard to understand. There are seven different kinds of statements in this programming language. They are called a declaration, display, set of functions, if-else, and stop. A basic library for the weirdest programming language can be used to help with sockets, strings, and linked lists.

6. Ook!

Ook! is one of the ten strangest programming languages programmers can use. It was made for orang-utans with fewer syntactic parts. For atau to write and read, it helps if the syntax is clear and easy to understand. Banana should be used instead of a monkey in this coding language. With 3 independent syntax elements like Ook., Ook?, and Ook! This strange programming language doesn’t need comments. Just the code is enough.

7. Glass

Glass is one of the strangest programming languages because it has a hard-to-understand notation called “postfix notation” and a strong focus on objects. Object-oriented framework and the main stack are two things that programmers have to deal with all the time. Except for some groups like “name,” “string,” “number,” and “comment,” the programming language is broken up into single-character parts.

8. Trumpscript

Programmers think that Trumpscript, a popular language for writing code, is strange. It was made to look like the famous Donald Trump. This programming language is different in several ways, such as the fact that floating-point numbers are not allowed, numbers must be bigger than one million, import declarations are not allowed, and so on. All programs, including “America is Great,” must be sent with the keyword search “fact” and “lie” instead of “true” and “false.”

9. Befunge

Befunge, a strange language, is one of the earliest and most well-known 2-D programming languages. The Befunge-93 program code is known for having strange ways to say different sets of instructions. One of the strangest programming languages looks at every character in the input string. It uses a special database schema and a set of instructions to do the math on a grid of coordinates.

10. Whitespace

Whitespace, which uses whitespace characters, is one of the 10 strangest programming languages for programmers. Space, tab, and linefeeds are the only protagonists in important programming languages. It is a stack-based imperative language. The code is written in the strange coding language with an IMP, which stands for “Instruction Modification Parameter.”

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