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Benefits Of Integrating WhatsApp With A CRM System And Its Features


We should start by learning what WhatsApp CRM is and how it works. WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps for personal and business use. Companies that use WhatsApp for business can get more out of it if they connect it to their CRM systems.

There are two kinds of business WhatsApp accounts:

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Business App

A WhatsApp Business App Account is usually useful for small businesses with 1 to 6 employees, a low number of customer questions, and only a few specialists. WhatsApp Business API is great for big businesses with more than 11 employees that get a lot of questions from leads, customers, or prospects.

Many businesses choose the WhatsApp Business App over the WhatsApp Business API because it is free and easy to set up. But it won’t work for a business with more than 11 employees, different clients, or the need to make custom message formats. In the same way, the WhatsApp Business API has a benefit in this area.

Knowing WhatsApp’s Business API Account

The WhatsApp Business API lets users connect their WhatsApp Business Account to conversational communication platforms like Gupshup. This makes it possible to build trade, marketing, and support work processes and send them on WhatsApp.

To get a WhatsApp Business API account, a business must help the API through an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider. No matter what, there is also a faster way. You can look at a few WhatsApp Partners.

Before selecting the Service Provider, however, the client must choose the given partner variables, such as API pricing and the provider’s ability to port the mobile number chosen by the client. After setting up your WhatsApp sender and ensuring your record is ready, you need to choose a CRM for WhatsApp.

Selecting a CRM for WhatsApp Business API Account

To start sending messages, you can connect your WhatsApp API account to a WhatsApp Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stage. With coordination, your WhatsApp case can use information already in your CRM.

WhatsApp can be linked to several popular CRMs, such as:

  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • SugarCRM
  • AmoCRM
  • SuiteCRM
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive

Pros of integrating WhatsApp with CRM

Lead Fostering

With WhatsApp CRM Integration, you can send clients or potential clients a list, pictures, location, documents, sounds, recordings, and more based on their most recent communication with your team. This is an excellent way to move them down the business channel and increase your chances of conversion.

Tracking a Request

You can set up automated alerts and information about what’s happening with your clients so they get information quickly without bothering your human specialists.

Subsequent meet-ups

Send automated messages to current or potential customers and clients with information about your products or services. Setting up these messages is easy and can be sent quickly without work.

You could save the answers to the most common questions in your knowledge base and use them again in the future to save a lot of time and get to your goal even faster. So, you can ensure your customers get the information they need instead of making them wait or take a chance on their nose.

Working on internal communications

In addition to letting you talk to prospects and clients, the WhatsApp CRM mix will eliminate useless departmental storehouses to improve communication within your business.

Get customer feedback

As soon as the request is made, send out automated connections to ask for feedback from the client. Companies willing to listen to customer feedback and act on it tend to leave a good impression on the minds and hearts of their customers.

Automatize keyword-based actions

You could program your CRM tools to do things based on the keywords used by your current and potential clients. This would help you improve your cycles and save time and money.

Get rid of labels to make communication easier.

Make names and mark clients with these names so you can see where they are in their journey with your brand and, if necessary, change how you talk to them. For example, you could make one mark that says New Customer and another that says Receipt Sent to make your exchanges easier and more coordinated.

Start talking with people.

When talking about your business, greet clients with a message that includes their best name.

Make drip marketing campaigns based on workflows.

Make a drip marketing effort to automate your sales interactions. Send a group of WhatsApp messages to your leads at a certain time, and respond to them quickly to keep the conversation going.

Messages based on time

Send time-sensitive or date-based WhatsApp messages, like birthday greetings or happy anniversary wishes, to connect with clients and build long-term relationships. Also, improve Customer Support. Send short, accurate reports on ticket creation, status, and goal so clients know exactly what’s going on and don’t have to ask you again and again.

Send Team Updates

Tell your coworkers about new requests, tickets given to them, or any problems brought up inside so they can act quickly.

Build a solid brand reputation

Make a profile for your business that includes important information like name, address, contact number, email, website, etc. This will help you build a strong brand image and gain customer trust.

Online WhatsApp Sender Tools for Marketing

WhatsApp has a lot of users all over the world because it is the best messaging app. The courier app is a very reliable platform for businesses that always use it to talk to clients and customers. Even so, the WA sender extension doesn’t let any ads through, so it’s important to use the medium morally and follow the rules.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Bulk Sender?

Use mass message source applications to get your business in front of powerful people. Virtual entertainment platforms are a great way to communicate today, and if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to use these kinds of tools.

Here are some of the best reasons to use WhatsApp source code:

Client Engagement

Since the app makes it possible to reach many people, customer service is improved and worked on.

Positioning a brand

You get more customers, which means your brand’s position in the market increases because your product is more well-known.

CRM Management

You are in charge of client relations. A good reputation with clients is a big part of closing more deals.

Building a group

Use the platform to create areas of strength for attracting, being smart, and coming up with new ideas all the time.

The Following Place

Share the area of your business that will help clients reach their goals without trouble. The easier clients get in touch with you, the more likely they are to do business with you.


The test is the only way to know if a client or client has read a certain message.

Send Catalogs/Brochures/Ebooks

Mass WhatsApp shipper software makes it easy for clients to send out information about limited-time events, flyers, exercises, and pamphlets.

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